Set Controls To Manual

Friday, March 28th, 2014

I just did a long overdue update to my WordPress install, and I had to do it manually. This was slightly nerve-wracking – I did once manage to lose all my image uploads when attempting a backup (the shame!) – but it actually went really smoothly and only took a few minutes. So, as I followed the instructions to the letter, it only seems right to include Step 3: Do something nice for yourself, and post about it.
The new admin design is a really pleasant surprise. I also updated the stats plugin, which had stopped working at some point, so now I can see exactly how few viewers I have. Serves me right for not posting anything!

Content is King

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

I have ignored my blog for too long now. This is partly because I work with content management systems all day long, as well as helping with my daughter’s school website in my spare time. With family commitments and trying to learn the piano thrown in, my focus has been spread a bit thin, and the blog has suffered.
I decided to give the site a makeover, partly because it was long overdue, and partly to give me an incentive to post more. Content is king, and for the site to work, I need to create a bit more.The only obvious change right now is the homepage header, though if you dig around you’ll find the new menu and category pages, which I’m still working on. The homepage will get a new look soon as well.