To Comment Or Not To Comment

OK, so that’s the hat-trick of Hamlet-related blog titles out of the way. This one is pretty cut and dried: apart from my Russian spammer friends (of whom I seem to have quite a few), the overwhelming consensus is not to comment. I read a rather dense post on someone else’s blog recently which has a few things to say about how to encourage discussion; sadly they are all rather tongue-in-cheek. I’d love to know what you think – answers on a postcard, or you could always leave a comment…

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3 Responses to “To Comment Or Not To Comment”

  1. Keely Says:

    Oooh – reading the comments is the best part – little windows into so many different worlds. And yes, if you have an opinion, you should leave a comment – democratic duty!

  2. Simon Says:

    Hi Giles!

    Well, I’ve finally got round to checkin’ out your page.
    Had a quick scan down the blog titles and this one caught my attention.

    I agree with Keely, ‘little windows into so many different worlds’. I also think comments give the blogger a great way to see the spread of opinion on any points they have made.

    From the small amount of blogging I’ve done I have noticed that blogs that well and truly grab peoples attention are the ones that get commented on the most. But they also have to create some kind of emotional response. For example, I have read many interesting blogs but not necessarily commented on them. However, if I read something and I feel emotionally driven by it, then I will comment. It may be that I vehemently disagree and therefore feel compelled to leave a comment, or it could be that I passionately agree and leave a comment to show my support of them. Either that or the blog has to pose something that I haven’t seen asked before on the net. So in this case ‘to comment or not to comment’ intrigued me as it was something a bit different.

    Whatever the reason for people commenting may be, it’s here to stay and is swiftly becoming one of the major means of communication (certainly where debate is concerned anyway) on the net.

    I do think there is a major difference though between commenting on a blog, such as your good self has taken time to write, and merely commenting on some video on youtube or a music track on myspace.

    So there… that’s my first comment to you… which almost turned into a blog itself! Ooh, the irony.

  3. Giles McCormick Smith Says:

    Blimey! Much kudos Simon for the most in-depth comment I’ve had the pleasure to recieve!

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