The Curse Of The Plastic Bag

Cycling home from work on Thursday I suddenly noticed my gears behaving strangely. This was particularly odd as I’ve just had my bike serviced and it’s been riding like new. When I finally got a chance to look at the back wheel, I saw I had a plastic bag lodged in between the chain and the gears. Extracting it wasn’t too difficult but it was messy…Later the same night we drove down to my Dad’s in Dorset. When we stopped at the services, I noticed that the car smelled a bit funny – there was a smell of burning plastic. When I mentioned this to Ilka later she said ‘yes – there’s a plastic bag stuck to the bottom of the car’. What are the odds of that?
I got rid of as much as I could of the plastic bag that got wrapped around part of the exhaust and then melted to it this afternoon. I have a feeling the car might smell of burning plastic for another couple of days though.
As a result of all this, I have suddenly developed a pathological hatred of plastic bags. They seem to me to epitomise everything that’s wrong with convenience culture. I’m going to try and live without them.

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