Plastic Bags: An Update

Yes, my life is terribly interesting. That’s why I’m talking about plastic bags again.
In all seriousness, though, I’ve done pretty well on the plastic bag front since I posted on the topic a week ago. Thankfully, I’ve had no more transport-related plastic bag incidents, and in fact I’ve only had to refuse a plastic bag once in the interim – at the chip shop on Friday night, when I managed to refuse one despite having had a beer or three beforehand. There were two other occasions which needed some thought though, and one I still haven’t managed to work out. The first one is this: I often take in a tupperware full of leftovers from the previous evening’s meal to have for lunch. I usually put this in a plastic bag in case it leaks en route, and I had to re-think this on Wednesday. In the end, I wrapped it in some newspaper with an elastic band around it. I could probably manage without this, as I can’t remember the last time a tupperware leaked; however I have a feeling that one must have done once upon a time otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten into the habit of using the plastic bag…
The next issue was the trainers I take to badminton, which normally go inside a ‘posh’ plastic bag in the rucksack I use to take my kit. There are two reasons for this: one is the fact that they tend to reek after two hours of badminton, and the other is that the changing room floors are usually very sandy and I don’t like sand getting all over the rest of my stuff. Particularly so as my t-shirt is usually sopping wet and thus picks up sand very easily. I fell down on this one: I used the posh plastic bag again. I call it posh because it’s not your ordinary Sainsburys or corner shop type thin single-use intended plastic bag – it’s from a shoe shop and is one of those that have a drawstring and can be carried over the shoulder. It’s also made from much heavier-duty plastic. So, dear reader, I ask you: is this allowed? Or should I be looking for a cloth shoe bag?
I’m going to leave the last, and thorniest, issue for another post, though I’ll trail it here: what should I do about the grocery shopping? We usually order online and have it delivered, it always comes bagged, and usually very badly packed so that more bags are used than necessary…


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