Plastic bag FAIL!

Well, I didn’t quite manage to last a month, let alone a year. I treated myself to a slap-up takeaway lunch today (a Hog Roast sandwich meal deal from Cattle Grid, if you must know) and while I was waiting for it, I went to the loo. As I was hoping, on my return it was ready – I pointed to the bag on the table in front of the counter and said “Is that mine?”. When the friendly waiter said “Yes”, I grabbed it and started to make my way back to the office, having already paid when I made the order. I was more than half way back when I realised that the bag in question was of the single use plastic variety. Had I not been so hungry, I might have gone back and offered it back to them. Technically, I never got the chance to refuse it. But in my heart of hearts I know it’s still a fail. Plastic Bags 1, McCormick Smith…0?

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