Plastic bags on holiday

Hello there. Apologies for the lack of posts of late – we’ve been on holiday in Sardinia and my Internet access was limited to say the least. Which was probably a good thing, as it meant I spent some time with my family for a change instead of being glued to a screen.
I’ll be posting some photos and an offline diary I kept for those of you who are interested as soon as I get a chance. As far as plastic bags though – well, yes, we did end up accepting quite a few, despite having taken two re-usable carriers with us. We did manage to re-use every single one as a rubbish bag though, and in an ironic twist of fate, found ourselves desiring one on our last day as we would have had no bin-bag otherwise. I also thought I had managed to fish one off the bottom of the sea while snorkelling which gave me an immense sense of satisfaction until I discovered that it had fallen out of my pocket as I swam back to shore. Ho hum.

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