I’m a bit of a stickler for good grammar. I’m writing this while enjoying a flat white from flat white, where the lovely people ask you for your name when you order a take-away coffee so that they know to whom to give it. It’s a nice touch, however at least two of the chaps there usually ask ‘What was your name?’. Perhaps it’s a cutural thing – they’re both Kiwis – but I can’t help answering ‘Giles – and it still is’. At least they have the good grace to laugh about it, though this time the young lady barista came back with ‘Oh, it’s you again!’.
I’m also a fan of good coffee, and as bad as their grammar is, their coffee is arguably the best in London. I usually only have one cup a day, as otherwise I risk not being able to sleep – and of course it’s not good for the digestion. So that cup was a special treat, and it was so good I now want another.

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2 Responses to “Grammar”

  1. Lucy McFerg Says:

    Grammar eh!! You might want to check your own bro!! You ought to know to do a special Lucy check before I read anything. And is the para lacking any semi-colons? What a shame!

  2. gilesmc Says:

    Oh dear. Hoist by my own petard! There I was trying to be clever, and I left in an erroneous ‘who’. It has of course been edited out now. Thanks Lucy! You’ve got the job…

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