As you will no doubt have realised, my life is extremely interesting, which is why you keep coming back to read my posts, right?
OK, I’ll admit it – I was back down to just three views yesterday after the big spike the day before (12 views – whoohoo!) and that was after playing my joker: I finally emailed my Mum and Dad and told them about the blog. So perhaps my musings aren’t as fascinating as I hoped. I think I’ll have to console myself with the thought that I really started this whole exercise for myself, and forget about the vanity aspect.
Anyway, I just finished two mammoth archiving projects: one was scanning all the paper questionnaires we had stored in the office which were taking up a LOT of cupboard space. This has mostly fallen on my trusty lieutenants Vis and Nick, who have scanned thousands of bits of A4. I had to check them all, mind you…
The other project was filing my gmail. I don’t like to throw things away (just ask Ilka…) and that includes email – I religiously file all my work email by project, but my personal mail used to just sit in the inbox. After all, with all that storage space the lovely folks at Google give you, coupled with the search function, why bother? Well, I pimped my Gmail recently after getting bored of the default colours, and discovered labels… and I just couldn’t help myself. So over 2,000 emails have now been given homes.
I really must get out more.

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