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Friday, October 23rd, 2009

So maybe it’s not so difficult to go without plastic bags after all. Since coming back from Sardinia I think I’ve only had to turn down a bag about three times. Not everyone thinks this way, though – in the chemist last week I was queuing behind a young woman who bought a packet of Nurofen. She asked for a bag for this. For one small item. She needed the bag to carry her Nurofen out to the her car which was parked just outside. I probably should have remonstrated with her but at the time I wasn’t feeling well (hence the visit to the chemist) so I let it go. I did though refuse the bag I was offered…
The downside about it not being so difficult is that it doesn’t give me much to write about…I was hoping I’d have enough material for a small book, as annualism seems to be in vogue at the moment (here’s an article about it), but clearly going without plastic bags isn’t as radical as doing without sex or living on a pound a day. Plus of course by the time the year is up and I’ve collated it all, it probably won’t be fashionable any more. Ho hum.
I must admit that blogging is harder work than I originally thought. My first thought behind starting this blog was to focus on politics, so that I could be invited to give my opinions on topical issues on the breakfast program on Radio 5. They often introduce people as ‘political bloggers’ and I thought “How hard can that be?” and “That’s not really a job, is it?”. While the collapse of the world’s economy and the current Labour administration have provided the odd interesting tidbit, I have to say that politics just doesn’t seem as interesting or exciting as it did was the 80s. So I haven’t really posted much about politics, and can’t see it coming up much until the general election campaigning starts in earnest. The plastic bag theme seemed like a good substitute – after all, most good blogs stick to one theme, while this one has had a more scattergun approach. In fact, the posts that have had the most hits have been ones that featured pictures of the kids. So maybe I should just stick to Twitter and Flikr and leave the blogging to people who don’t have to spend eight hours in the office every day. More than once while I was writing my offline blog on holiday (it will surface at some point, when I’ve got the time to edit it) I found myself writing “Hard work, this blogging business”. Even more depressing was reading (some) of Stephen Fry’s lastest blog entry. He often posts what he calls ‘miniblogs’ which are about as long as most of my posts. “If this is a miniblog,” I thought, “what on earth must his blogs be like?”. Well, his most recent post is six pages, which made me want to jack the whole thing in at once. I can’t compete with that. I don’t have the time to read six pages of blog, let alone write six pages.
Over to you, dear readers, if there are any of you left. I’m half tempted to stick a poll widget on here and ask you to vote for whether I should a) continue b) change topic or c) cease and desist, but I don’t think I’d like the answers…quite apart from the fact that it would be a busman’s holiday. Feel free to add a comment and let me know. Or not.