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To Blog Or Not To Blog…

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

…that is the question. I thought long and hard about my last post – some people think you shouldn’t write about your children (as Julie Myerson discovered) but given that:

  • a) I’m not a broadsheet journalist
  • b) there are only a handful of you reading this (I love you all)
  • c) it is so clearly tongue-in-cheek

it seemed OK. Of course, the fact that Carla is already more popular than I am – her Youtube video has had more views already than all my blog hits put together – had nothing to do with it…

Should I be worried about Carla?

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Consider the evidence:

Carla with an (empty) wine bottle

Carla with an (empty) wine bottle

Carla snaffles a can of Fosters

We have a kitchen cupboard that has a child lock on, where we keep various things including a stash of Peroni. If Carla manages to get anywhere near that cupboard when it’s open, what’s the first thing she goes for? No, not the sweets. No, not the cereal. Yes, you guessed it – the beer.
It’s one thing going for an empty wine bottle – she could at least smell that and work out what it was. But the sealed cans / bottles of beer? How does she know? It’s not like I drink a lot, and I rarely drink in front of her. I thought I wouldn’t have to contend with this until she hit her teens!


Monday, June 15th, 2009

Where do people find the time to blog? I was planning to make Sunday night ‘blog night’, having failed miserably to get anywhere near updating the blessed thing during the week. However, Carla decided that she wasn’t going to sleep last night and so ‘blog night’ became ‘try and get Carla to sleep night’.  She eventually succumbed at about 23:45. It’s a bit upsetting – we thought she might be through the awake all evening phase, but since Thursday night she’s been waking up not long after being put down, and then staying up until 22:00 or beyond. Hopefully it’s just some more teeth coming, though we now have a paediatrician’s appointment on the way. Hopefully this won’t involve Choose and Book, which is going to be the subject of my ire and several blog posts, assuming I ever manage to write any more…


Anyone with sharp eyes will have noticed that the Party Election broadcast post above was written very shortly after this was originally posted. I think I may have discovered the answer: blog at work! During one’s lunch break, naturally…