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Party Election Broadcasts

Monday, June 15th, 2009

The reason I started this blog in the first place was to comment about politics, so that I could earn the epithet ‘political blogger’ and thus appear in the media. After all, I often hear people being interviewed on Radio 5 described as political bloggers – if the only qualification you need in order to be interviewed about the burning issues of the day is to have written something on a blog then so be it.

What prompted me to actually get moving was accidentally seeing all three party political broadcasts from the main parties in the run up to the local and European elections. In hindsight, perhaps it wasn’t exactly accidental – I’m sure they put them on right after the weather report as they know that’s when they’re likely to get their biggest audience, given our national obssesion with meteorology.

First up was the Lib Dem effort. I was actually a little taken in by this one – I didn’t realise it was an election broadcast at first. Of the three, it has the best production values by far. Once I realised what it was and my natural cynism reasserted itself, it lost a lot of the gloss, but I suppose it did its job in that it got my attention and more or less held it. I was a little worried though that the thought of Nick Clegg doing what looked a lot like a midmorning talk show a la Kilroy was considered a good tactic. I was waiting for someone who had slept with her boyfriend’s sister’s husband’s brother to start a fight with Clegg, and a little diasppointed it didn’t happen.

The very next day it was the turn of the Conservatives. Sadly for them, their brilliant idea to show Dave going round the country doing his ‘Cameron Direct’ hustings was rather undercut by the fact that the Lib Dems had already done it the day before, only slightly better. I thought ‘Cameron Direct’ was a very lazy and inappropriate choice of name too – it sounds like an insurance company or online brokerage.

To complete the triumvirate we had Labour’s effort, which was the worst of the bunch by far. It looked as though it had been hastily cobbled together in response to all the problems the government have faced recently, when they realised that the expensive and carefully crafted one they prepared a couple of months ago was going sit very badly with the current political climate. I squirmed in a manner reminiscent of watching The Office. Very, very poor.

In order to complete this post I went and searched for the clips on Youtube (links below), and interestingly found an earlier incarnation of the Labour one which featured a voiceover by G. Brown, rather than the female ‘ordinary voter’ voiceover that was broadcast. So clearly the PR wonks had decided that Gordon wasn’t going to get the core vote out.

The only message I got from any of the broadcasts was ‘vote for us, we’re better than that other lot’. None of them persuaded me to vote for the party in question. Of course, the irony is that I had to go away on business on polling day and thus wasn’t actually able to go and cast my vote. Had I beed able to, I would have voted Green this time. I think I’ll register for a postal vote in future.

Those broadcasts in full:

Liberal Democrat