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Oh dear

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

Gordon Brown’s tenure as Prime Minister is beginning to look like a very strange mixture of tragedy and farce. Every time he tries to give himself a boost, someone goes and resigns and spoils it all for him. This time it’s relatively unknown MOD aide Eric Joyce, though of course he’ll be a lot better known after this, coming as it does on the eve of a speech by Gordon Brown on Afghanistan. He also came out recently and slammed the government for taking two soldiers to court to try and reduce the amount of compensation they had been awarded, so you could say he has some form. What really hurts Gordon here is that Joyce is a former soldier and so can reasonably be assumed to have a clue about defence issues.
So OK, my political posts are a bit like buses – none for ages then two at once. Boris Johnson has been caught claiming public money for his website, which contained all sorts of contraband content forbidden by the fees office including campaign material and advertisments for his own books. Tut tut Boris. That was rather careless, wasn’t it? I quite like Boris, just because he proves that someone with the persona of a Beano character can still make it to the top in British politics. And also because he’s so wonderfully gaffe-prone. I would rather he wasn’t mayor though. I preferred him when he was the plain old member for Henly.